Website Design and Development

Picture this…

You are hungry, so you pull into a restaurant you’ve never been in. You open the door and immediately lose your appetite. There’s dirt and grease on every surface and a ton of flies is enjoying a half eaten burger at an empty table. You glance at the counter; the waitress doesn’t lift her eyes from her phone as cigarette smoke curls around her fingers. You turn around and leave.

Even though nobody smokes in restaurants anymore, you get the analogy—and this scenario occurs online continually. If visitors to your website are turned off aesthetically, you don’t stand a chance—no matter what you’re offering or how quickly you come up in Google.

At Pixedia we build visually compelling websites that instantly reinforce credibility and that drive conversions: warm and welcoming gourmet restaurants, if you will, that turn wary visitors into raving evangelists.

How? Best practice, on-brand design that is informed by strategy, research, collaboration, and fourteen years of experience—and also a ton of talent.

web design and developmentContent-driven design

Decorations don’t drive home messages. Content does. Reducing text-based content to a visual design element (the shape of the text) can result in bloated and unrealistic client expectations once real data replaces the dummy content. We allow our design decisions to be dictated by the on-page content and messaging, and often our designers use the actual content to inspire interesting elements that might not have been conceived without it.


Web usability is a broad topic. In a nutshell, we’re talking about giving the user exactly what they want without making them work for it. Exceeding those rudimentary needs for content by presenting a beautiful web design on top of that is the ultimate goal. However, it is of primary importance that the design serves it’s function by delivering content to the user in a sensible way.