Branding and Identity

Brand design is critical as it needs to accurately capture where your business fits in  a market. Your brand is the personification of everything your business feels, does, and believes.Your target audience builds an impression of your brand every time they come into contact with your business. Consumers create brands, not agencies. We specialise in influencing consumers while they construct your brand.

Every piece of communication creates a picture of the kind of value that you offer in terms of service quality, relevance and value. At Pixedia we have expert brand design specialists to define your value proposition and accentuate your point of difference.



Logo design is the public ‘stamp’ that reflects your brand and identifies your business at a glance. Your logo must reflect your brand’s personality – and because getting it right is critical, we include our clients in the design process to ensure the solution meets the initial brief.

Whether you need a new logo, or to refresh your existing logo, you can rely on Pixedia to deliver the image your business needs. Our team can help you achieve an appealing and relevant look for your new or existing brand.