About us

Who we are?

Formed in 2013, Pixedia Creative specialise in offering innovative creative and technical solutions. Our name is rather unique, being a fusion of two words, pixels and media. Being in the creative industry we talk a lot about pixels (size) and also deal with various media (images, film, audio).

Whilst the roots of our business are based upon offering creative solutions, Pixedia has developed into offering Event Design and Production services. The idea of fusing pixels and media together is not just a character of our name but an approach of creating unique ideas. Focusing on you the client and not about us is key to both of our successes. We long for creative talent to flourish while providing you the client with the most innovative, creative, technical and flexible solutions for your needs and budget.


At Pixedia we have several key values…

– Passion: People who are passionate about something put lots of energy into it.

– Development: We believe to develop and grow as a business we need to invest in both staff and technology.

– Creative: We are all creative creatures, whether you can draw and amazing picture, write a book or make a band sound amazing, everyone is creative. Pixedia aim to create an environment when everyone is able to be  creative.

– Ethical: to show ethical business practise in all we do.

– Community and family: to develop a sense of community and family within our staff and clients.